Humility is the fine line between confidence and overconfidence. While confidence can take you to places, overconfidence turns you into a jerk.

How often we admire people who think they are the smartest and above everyone else? That their narcissism is cool?

We don’t admire skills in people. We admire their humbleness because that’s what we tend to remember about them.

But success gives, apart from other things, gives you wings. It’s not bad to fly but you need to come back and sit on the same branch-your roots. Especially today’s society which tend to focus on competition and individualism. Yet, being humble is a virtue to cherish forever.

If you can draw people with your power and position, that’s fear. If you can draw them with your humility


  • Ego is dangerous. It won’t lead you where you want to go or what you want to get.
  • Always have patience and perseverance in life.
  • Have an incredible focus on your goal. Rest is meaningless.
  • Over-confidence will always throw you on the ground.
  • Fly in the air but keep your feet on the ground.
  • Whatever is yours will come to you. If you try to force something, it won’t ever be yours.
  • If you are alone in being alone, then you are in real danger.
  • Give your efforts. Forget the results.
  • You have to pick yourself up and move.