A young guy is passing by a beggar playing harmonium and singing a song somewhere in Mumbai.

He loves the voice of the beggar and asks him to grant the permission to record his voice. The beggar agrees.

When the beggar is leaving, the guy asks the beggar whether he ate his breakfast or not. The beggar replies, “nothing”. The guy puts his hands in his pocket and takes out some money and hands over to him in the cloak of a handshake.

Here is the picture:

After a few days the guy recieves a call that he is been asked to sign some contracts with a social organisation named Being Indian.

A man comes in an Innova car to pick him up.

He is completely unaware of the fact that he is going to meet Sonu Nigam (singer, actor).

The guy is awestruck. Sonu Nigam tells him that it was him who was singing on the footpath disguised as a beggar.

Sonu Nigam hugs him and shows a frame in which ₹12 is framed. That was the amount given by the guy to him. Irony is, that the guy did not know the exact amount that he gave to the beggar.

The name of that guy is Shahbaz Ali.

The team that did this social experiment: Being Indian.

Theme of the experiment: “Do people recognize the talent of a layman?”

Source Wikipedia!